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The City of Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation Department is conducting a Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Master Plan process. This plan will act as a roadmap for the City to make improvements to the park system for the next 10 years. This is an overall planning process for the park system as a whole and more detailed master plans will be needed for individual parks.


To make this plan a success, we need input from you! There are many different ways to get involved with this project, which you can find on this website. It will also be updated throughout the project with information from public meetings, engagement activities, and the final Master Plan document.


Check this website to keep up to date! 

Our Mission
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Get to know us!

Our team is made up of landscape architects, urban planners, architects and recreation specialists.


The firms assisting Kansas City, Missouri Parks and Recreation with this project are: Landworks Studio, ETC Institute, Hoxie Collective, SFS Architecture, and  Ballard*King.

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the process


This initial phase entails a review of previously approved planning documents and a demographic analysis of the city.


During this on-going phase, our team will provide Kansas City residents with a variety of opportunities to provide input through physical, digital, and in-person means.


The third phase will feature a thorough assessment of park properties as well as a survey of KC Parks staff.


This phase is when the heart of the analysis is conducted. Our team will examine current recreation and leisure trends, analyze the level of service provided by the park system, and determine the strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats to the department.


The fifth phase is when the final recommendations and document will be created and presented to the Board of Parks and Recreation Commissioners for approval.

Our Mission

KC Parks’ mission is to improve the quality of life, health, and wellness of our community by providing socially equitable, community-driven programming and environmentally sound natural resource management.

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our 4 pillars

  • Social Equity

  • Health and wellness

  • Conservation

  • Organizational Sustainability

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