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Collecting Community Input at Open Houses - November 2022

During November of 2022, our team facilitated 3 open house meetings in different locales across Kansas City to gather public input and spread information about the master planning process. We prepared and presented similar information to the public on 3 different nights at Northland Neighborhoods, Inc., the Bruce R. Watkins Cultural Center, and the KCPD South Patrol Station. Over 20 participants came out to these 3 meetings sessions to share what they want to see more of in Kansas City parks and facilities, specifically in terms of park amenities and recreation programs. As with our Pop-up Events, we heard a lot of enthusiasm for walking trails, as well as programs in outdoor recreation and environmental education. We also discussed barriers to park and recreation use and how Kansas Citians receive information about parks. Participants told us that the most common barriers preventing them from using parks were a lack of sidewalk access, the unhoused population, and desired programs not being offered. They told us that they typically get their information from the KCMO parks and Recreation website or email and text blasts from the department. When asked how they would choose to invest an extra $100 in Kansas City Parks, a strong plurality of participants (47%) choose to put it towards the maintenance of existing parks, trails, and facilities.

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