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Statistically Valid: Kansas Citians and the Citizen Survey

From October through December of 2022, our team circulated a survey out to thousands of mailboxes across Kansas City, Missouri to learn more about peoples' priorities for park and recreation services. It has been 15 years since the department last conducted a needs assessment survey such as this. The survey questionnaire included 29 questions that covered topics ranging from park and facility use, resident participation, future funding, park and recreation priorities, and demographics.

When we launched the survey on October 24, we mailed 3,000 copies out to residents across the city. Recipients had the opportunity to complete the survey on paper and return it in a prepaid postage envelope, respond over the internet, or by phone. By December 23rd, we had collected 617 complete responses, including over 100 from each of the city's 6 council districts. This level of response is considered statistically valid for the overall Kansas City population. Some of the most compelling responses concerned residents' priorities for park amenities and recreation programming. Regarding park amenities, Kansas City residents told us that their highest priorities for investment are for walking trails, restrooms, and natural preserves. Regarding recreation programing, they told us that their highest priorities are adult fitness and wellness, history, and exercise programs. The full report of findings will be included in the final master plan.

Examples of survey questions and results are shown below:

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