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Surprise! Capturing Feedback Through Pop-Up Events

During September and October of 2022, our team ventured out to the different corners of Kansas City to have quick, candid discussions with KC residents about their parks. These pop-up events are designed to dovetail with other popular events or happenings taking place in local parks, allowing our team to have short conversations with individuals and groups about Kansas City parks while those people are already out enjoying such spaces. These 4 pop-up events took place over a 6-week period at the Kansas City Zoo Run, City Market, a typical soccer Saturday at Tiffany Hills Sports Complex, and a Walktober event at the Brush Creek Greenway. Our team was able to speak with over 65 individuals, couples, and families. We conducted a simple visual preference survey that asked questions such as "what park amenities to do you want to see more of?" Popular answers were walking trails, splash pads, and playgrounds. Another question that was asked was "what recreation programs do you want to see more of?" Common answers to that question included: outdoor recreation, environmental education, and community gardening.

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