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Verifying and Validating at the April Community Open Houses

During April of 2023, our team facilitated presentations in 3 community centers across Kansas City to share what we have thus far learned and to listen to what the public has to say about parks and recreation. These open houses occurred over the span of one week at the Line Creek Community Center, Trailside Center, and Brush Creek Community Center.

With so much data already collected, our team wanted to ask Kansas Citians if what we are hearing is correct. We shared information collected during previous engagement events, the citizen survey, and the early findings of the park and facility assessment. More than 40 residents attended these events and had the chance to ask questions and give their input on where the focus of this master plan should lie.

Comments we heard across all meetings included a strong value for natural parks and preserves in the system, a desire for more partnership between the department and local neighborhood groups, and interest in how the upcoming general obligation (G.O.) park bond monies will be allocated. Our team appreciates all the time and energy KCMO residents have put towards this planning process!

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